Old Torglor


Torglor – Ancient Duerger Stronghold

and Hidden Githyanki Outpost

When the mind flayers tasked the party with exploring the lava filled caverns of Dragon’s Cauldron, they uncovered the old duerger ruins of Torglor. They learned that it had been inhabited by githyanki, who had transformed the stronghold into a training and research facility.

Yet something strange happened here…all of the githyanki had been recently slain in a gruesome fashion. All but one – the githyanki captain, who attacked riding his red dragon mount. After slaying the captain, his body ripped apart and shifted into an indescribably horrific aberration that invoked madness through touch. The party narrowly defeated the horror, and escaped Torglor with powerful relics of the Duerger-Illithid war.

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Old Torglor

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