Erath Belan


Erath Belan – Capitol of the Drow

Pop. 60,000 (60% slaves)

Location: Middle Underdark, ~6 miles below the surface
Leader: Matron Mother Tryvonnel Do’Lael
Factions: Priestesses of Lolth, Sorlochar Mages, The Soulblades

Points of Interest:

The Broodpit: An arena dedicated to the worship of Lolth. Lolth enjoys her brood fighting for survival, and so the Broodpit mimics this tradition of savagery by pitting prisoners against each other for the amusement of citizens of Erath Belan.

Citadel of Spiders: A stronghold built into a massive stalactite in the center of the city. Matron Mother Do’Lael resides there, along with many high ranking drow of the ruling class. The Soulblades serve as the royal guard.

Demonweb’s Strand: A black, frigid river divides the city. The drow believe that Lolth blessed the region by spinning a strand of the Demonweb through the massive cavern.

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Erath Belan

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