Darksong Sanctum


Darksong Sanctum – Bastion of Eilistraee

Pop. 700

Location: Middle Underdark, ~5 miles below the surface
Leader: Vallus Del’Malyr

Points of Interest:

Shrine of Eilistraee: A modest place of worship, the shrine contains rows of stone pews and a large statue of the Dark Maiden playing her iconic lyre. A carving of a crescent moon covers the ceiling, enchanted to imitate the soft glow of moonlight.

Hall of Swords: An entire wing of the sanctum is devoted to the teachings and practice of swordplay. Rooms full of weaponry, practice dummies, and other training gear are nearly always occupied by both new recruits and veterans.

The Odeum: A sprawling hall where residents of the sanctum gather to socialize, eat, drink, and participate in song. The Odeum also doubles as a gathering place for public hearings or addresses by the leader and officers of the Darksong Knights.

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Darksong Sanctum

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