Myconid Colony


Myconid Colony

Peaceful Home of the Fungi

The party first met the myconids when stumbling their way through the kobold caves. The myconids requested assistance in stopping the kobold king, who had been harassing the colony. The party was successful, and the myconids did not forget the good deed.

Later in their adventures, the party met up with Jysae to discover that the Myconid King was trapped in a nightmare. Araumycos, the fungus god-organism, had strangely turned against the myconids and targeted the king. Elizabeth imbibed a powerful concoction brewed by the Myconid Shaman and went on a drug-induced dream quest to rescue the king.

She was successful, but at the cost of losing her brother Victor after the rest of the party was attacked by nightmarish aberrations. The Myconid Shaman rewarded Elizabeth for her bravery, offering his staff to reincarnate her brother. The fungus supplied Victor’s soul with a new body, although much to everyone’s dismay, it was the body of a drow.

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Myconid Colony

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