Illithid Antagonist


Vuv’yrc was first introduced to the party by Nurr’Korzahg when visiting Oryndoll. Vuv’yrc has good connections with the Elder Concord and has a good deal of influence on high priority political matters in the City of Loretakers. The party made a contract with the mind flayer to investigate Dragon’s Cauldron in exchange for valuable information on Erath Belan, but when the party uncovered a major githyanki threat, Vuv’yrc had no problem dismissing the assumed contract and involving the Elder Concord directly.

In their last meeting, Vuv’yrc confronted the party along with three thralls: Grik the half-orc, Kayla the wood elf, and Victor Black. The party did not hesitate to incapacitate the mind flayer and rescue Elizabeth’s brother. Vuv’yrc was left for dead, although its actual status is currently unknown.


Race: Illithid
Class: Sorcerer


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