Tryvonnel Do'Lael

Matron Mother of Erath Belan


Matron Mother Do’Lael has been the Matriarch of Erath Belan for over two centuries. Nearly everyone in the city fears her, and those who don’t remain quiet about their dissent. The Matron Mother has been known to invoke the wrath of Lolth upon her enemies, at times even wiping out entire houses that threaten her seat.

The position of Matron Mother is inherently short lived, as enemies of the throne frequently devise devious ways to take over, but Tryvonnel Do’Lael has had an impressively long reign. She is as cunning as she is cold-hearted, sentencing to death all but those most loyal to the throne.

Tryvonnel’s daughter Jysae disappeared seven years ago. The rumors range from her running away and joining a cult to her being locked up and tortured deep within the the Citadel of Spiders. Some say Tryvonnel now denies even having a daughter at all.


Race: Drow
Class: Unknown

Tryvonnel Do'Lael

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