Illithid Defector


When Jysae tasked the party to rendezvous with her secret contact, they were not expecting to meet a mind flayer. However, Nurr’Korzahg is as trustworthy and helpful as an illithid can be.

It is missing one of its four face tentacles due to an emergency amputation after contracting a nearly fatal case of tentacle rot. Since then, Nurr’Korzahg has risen above the evil nature of the illithids, changing to a strictly vegan diet and vowing to help the oppressed. The Elder Concord of Oryndoll tolerates Nurr’Korzahg’s presence, but does not trust the “enlightened” mind flayer entirely.

After meeting with the party and escorting them into Oryndoll, Nurr’Korzahg helped secure a tentative contract with Vuv’yrc, with hopes of “trading” information that would benefit the party in their assault against Erath Belan.

However, the party uncovered a major threat in the nearby presence of githyanki, and Nurr’Korzahg attempted to circumvent any further dealings with the Elder Concord so as to protect the party. Vuv’yrc caught wind of this treachery, waylaying their final rendezvous and threatening to cast them all before the Elder Concord. The party incapacitated Vuv’yrc and left Nurr’Korzahg to deal with the aftermath, leaving the illithid defector as an enemy of its home city.


Race: Illithid
Class: Sorcerer


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