Lonovan Geshaught

Halfing ranger


While Lonovan’s stature is diminuitive and unassuming, to disregard him would be dangerous. He carries with him a wide variety (and quantity) of weapons which he can deftly use, as well as a keen sense of his surroundings and a deep understanding of his enemies. Any who are hostile towards him find that they live out the rest of their short lives as pincushions (arrow cushions?), at best.


Prior to finding himself in the underdark, Lon spent most of his time as a guide. He was kidnapped by the dark elves, but, as luck would have it, the Drows transporting him and his fellow captives were ambushed by Orcs. In the scuffle, Lon freed himself and stumbled upon a short bow and started volleying arrows at Drow and Orc alike. As the battle waned, he was able to slip away, not without taking with him a trophy from his kills, as well as a deep sense of revenge for dark elf scum.

Through his journeys in the underdark, Lon came into the employ of Jysae. Lon has learned to temper his lust for Drow blood, finding satisfaction in his missions for Jysae.

Lonovan Geshaught

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