King Rill Glinkdink

Ruler of Sjungasten


King Glinkdink rules over Sjungasten with a stone fist. He is fiercely protective over his people and generally suspicious of outsiders. Yet Glinkdink is loyal to those he trusts and, more so than the average svirfneblin, can eventually see beyond race when it comes to making allies. For this reason the King puts much faith in Jysae, and values her as a strong ally against the other drow, whom the svirfneblin consider their greatest enemies.

The party first met King Glinkdink after they rescued a patrolling squadron of svirfneblin from an umber hulk. The deep gnomes gratefully escorted the party to Sjungasten, where they were introduced to the King and offered a safe place to rest for the first time since escaping their prison.


Race: Svirfneblin
Class: Noble

King Rill Glinkdink

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