Jysae Do'Lael

Head Emissary of the Darksong Knights


Jysae is the daughter of the current Matron Mother Tryvonnel Do’Lael. Seven years ago she defected from Erath Belan to help found a group of rebels named the Darksong Knights. The group worships Eilistraee the Dark Maiden, goddess of song, beauty, and moonlight, and hopes to redeem the drow and make reparations with the races above ground. Jysae works as the emissary for the Darksong Knights, as she excels in diplomatic relations and negotiating.

Jysae first met the party in Sjungasten, and requested to meet with them privately beneath the Ruby in the Rough. The party agreed to assist the Darksong Knights with their goals in exchange for help in returning to the surface. Jysae later revealed that her inherent trust in the party was based on a dream she had where the Dark Maiden revealed the heroes to her.

The party is currently employed by Jysae to help with preparations for an assault on the Citadel of Spiders in Erath Belan, which will supposedly grant them access to a portal through which to escape the Underdark.


Race: Drow
Class: Bard

Skills: Beautiful singer, fluent in many languages, skilled in combat
Personality: Caring, loyal, a romantic dreamer and somewhat naive. Shows signs of anxiety and often can be seen fiddling with a small stone she carries everywhere. Has a phobia of water.
Possessions: Hope, one of the Eight Singing Swords of Eilistraee

Jysae Do'Lael

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