Grugaren the Dodkong

Death King of Cairnheim


Nearly two millennia ago, an old, frail stone giant named Grugaren recovered an ancient artifact belonging to his kind. He planned to grant eternal life to himself and his young lover so they may rebuild and rule over a united stone giant kingdom. However, the first attempt at the dark ritual killed the young lover and transformed Grugaren into a lich.

Now known as the Dodkong, or “Death King” in giant tongue, Grugaren rules over the kingdom of Cairnheim. The lich commands not only the greatest assembly of stone giants in the realm, but also several large tribes of cave giants, hobgoblins, and orcs. Although the actual territory of Cairnheim is small, Grugaren believes that his sphere of influence extends as far as his name is feared.

The ages have left the lich bitter and heartless, and while he rarely engages in conflict with neighboring factions, it is widely known that crossing him warrants the wrath of the Death King’s legion.


Race: Stone Giant Lich
Class: Wizard

Grugaren the Dodkong

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