Benni Shwazz - DECEASED


They say that those who burn brightest also fade fastest.

Benni found herself in the cells under Erath Belan along with the others, and tried her best to keep her composure under the stress of the situation. However, the dangers of the Underdark put an unordinary amount of pressure on Benni, causing her wild magic to flare up in unfortunate ways. It began harmless enough with her hair falling out and her newfound immunity to alcohol, but after her magic knocked Elizabeth into a coma for over a day, the burdens of being trapped underground began to overwhelm her.

Following a traumatizing tour of Oryndoll and observing the dismal repercussions of humanoid trafficking, Benni broke down just outside of Dragon’s Cauldron. In a magnificent explosion of arcane fire, Benni spontaneously combusted, leaving behind only a pile of ash.


Race: Half-elf
Class: Sorcerer

Benni Shwazz - DECEASED

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