Escape from the Underdark

Victor Becomes a Drow

My brother's uncertain future

By Elizabeth Black

How could I have been so reckless? How could they have been so careless of his safety? I never should have left Victor, but I didn’t know how suddenly we would come under attack, with so little warning.

When I think rationally, I’m not sure what else could have been done. But that’s not easy to do. There must have been a better option that I missed. I should have thought more carefully about what I was doing. I have the ability to ask the Red Knight what the future holds, but I did not. Maybe it would not have revealed anything of value anyway, but I didn’t even explore the option. I must be more deliberate.

The consequence now is that, though we have brought Victor back from the dead, he will spend the rest of his life as a dark elf. Or “drow,” perhaps, may be more appropriate. I’m sure he’ll have feelings about that. He’ll be dealing with this for a very long time. Come to think of it, the irony is that he’ll now outlive me by many years, maybe centuries.

But how will he live like that after we return to the surface? Papa loves Victor fiercely, but the rest of the world may not be so understanding of his situation. How should Kari feel about bedding with a drow? There are magics that we could bring to bear to hide his appearance in daily court life, but a woman would know the intimate nature of her husband.

All this is moot though until we find a way out of this place. And until we do, I have to make sure Victor is kept safe. He’ll have to learn to defend himself too. I’ll ask Jysae’s help to find someone willing to train him at the Darksong Sanctum.


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