Escape from the Underdark

Elizabeth Black's Journal: Day 0

The day before the abduction

By Elizabeth Black

I woke up a little earlier than usual today to meet with my trainer for our morning exercises and breakfast before having to get ready for my brother‘s betrothal announcement and subsequent party. This might be my ideal start to my day. Not the primping, of course, but getting out practicing with a blade with Will. Truthfully, I may soon reach the point that I could beat him in single combat, especially if he would allow me use of the Red Knight’s blessings in earnest. But he has much more value to me than his skill with a martial implement. I would have preferred to spend much more of the day with him, but it is not in the cards today.

I am instead wearing a gown that is, to be sure, quite elegant, even if it is not to my own taste. Papa likes it, and it’s important to him to look our best, especially on Victor‘s big day. I’m happy for him. He seems very excited for the big life Papa has set him up for. I still don’t think they understand my polite refusal of Papa’s offer to find me a proper husband of my own. It’s not that I’m ungrateful, because I appreciate very much that the option is there for me if I choose, just as I appreciate Papa supporting my training and studies. I joke with him that soon I’ll be able to go out and kill myself a husband.


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