Escape from the Underdark

A Chance Meeting

Oh joyous occasion! I believe I made some friends today.

While escaping from a rather unpleasant situation involving a family of Drow (I wasn’t even able to grab one of those delicious smelling sweetrolls!), I chanced upon a curious band of individuals who seemed eager to dispatch the aggressors on my behalf. How very nice of them!

I think they were impressed with the quality of my box.

The one named Elizabeth seemed to suggest that being in a state of ignition might better help her appreciate my next box. Very curious. I must remember to inquire whether this is a shared characteristic among all humans or merely a trait reserved just for the more puzzling female sex. Perhaps during the oxidation process, there is an additional chemical reaction that allows her to see the colors and textures of my box more clearly?

Unfortunately the group hasn’t taken too well to Mister Bellweathers yet, but perhaps after a few days of travel, there might be an opportunity for good conversation between he and them. He is such a good conversationalist. And I am sure they will be amicable to his strongly held views on religion, the color of the true sky, the inherent sexism in patriarchal goblin politics, and the correct use of walnuts in a proper banana bread recipe.

Today was a good day.



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